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A Complete Guide to Blood Tests

Posted on Oct 12, 2022 in Blood Testing | No Comments

A Complete Guide to Blood Tests

Blood work or blood tests are a form of medical screening done to monitor the development of an existing disease or to identify a person’s tendency to develop certain new diseases. The results from such screenings help pinpoint any underlying health problems and curb their development in a timely manner.

Blood Tests

For example, a doctor may recommend a blood test to someone who has diabetes or is genetically prone to contract it. The test results thus obtained will allow the doctor to understand and administer a unique solution to avoid or regulate the disease.

How Often Should One Get Their Blood Tested?

The answer to this question is unique to each individual. Only your doctor can give you an accurate idea of how often you should get your blood tested. However, certain factors, such as age, medical history, genetics, lifestyle, surrounding environment, etc., can influence the ideal timeline.

If you are someone who has high cholesterol levels or a family history of the same, you should seek to get your blood tested at least once every year. Similarly, people in their 20s should get regular blood sugar tests, STD screenings, etc. Routine blood work is critical for timely diagnosis and treatment, which can often help avoid severe health conditions.

Deducing Blood Test Results

Simply put, a blood test measures your blood levels under various criteria. If your blood levels fall under the normal range, you are fine. However, if they come out either extremely high or low, it could highlight a potential disease or disorder that requires medical attention. Some factors that can affect your blood levels are eating habits, lifestyle, exercise, medications, alcohol intake, etc.

How long does a blood test take?

The process of taking a blood test consists of two parts- sample collection and lab checks. In a typical case, it does not take more than 5-10 minutes to collect your sample. Once collected, the healthcare provider will label your sample and send it to a lab for various types of tests. Most lab tests take only a day or two to present the results. However, the exact time taken varies on several factors like the nature of the test, the lab policies, etc.

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