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27 Jan 2020

B12 Deficiency: Its Diagnosis & Treatment

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One of the most common vitamins found in food like meat and dairy products is B12, but as we age, our body has a harder time processing it. This means that even taking supplements or getting a B12 shot from a clinic near you might not be enough. Below, the professionals from Surfside Urgent Care […]

21 Jan 2020

Normal Blood Sugar Levels, Testing & Diabetes

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Your blood sugar level is an important monitoring tool for your health. It helps you determine when you’re in need of food or additional nutrients, as well as whether you have an issue that could be a sign of diabetes. That’s why many regularly monitor their blood sugar levels and invest in a diabetes blood […]

16 Jan 2020

The Benefits of High School Sports Physical Exams & What to Expect

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When it comes to playing sports in high school, before stepping out onto the field, court, or wherever you’ll be playing, you’ll first be required to undergo a school physical exam. This is because most local school districts require students to be checked out before playing sports so that they can avoid any injuries and […]