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How STD Testing Works and Where to Get Tested

Posted on May 16, 2022 in STD Testing | No Comments

How STD Testing Works and Where to Get Tested?

In this latest post, our urgent care clinic outlines everything you need to know about STD testing, why it’s important, and how our urgent care team can help you get all the testing and care you need.

Who should get tested for STDs?

Sexually active people should get regular STD testing done in order to keep themselves and their partner/s safe. If someone is getting into a new relationship and thinking about having sexual relations without condoms or other protection, they should definitely opt for STD testing. This helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also shielding yourself from potential diseases.

How does STD testing work?

A doctor may order urine or blood tests to examine for infections like gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and HIV. Some infections like HIV can take two weeks to a few months to become visible in tests.

Doctors can also use swabs when testing for STDs if they find it necessary. They can also look for some infections by doing a physical examination aided by some additional tests.

Ask your  doctor                                                                                                                                                       

One should not simply assume that a doctor will test them for STDs. Due to the stigma attached to STDs, many people find it uncomfortable to ask a doctor for testing. Many doctors do not test regularly for STDs. So, if you have a symptom or have a visible change on or around your genitals, then it is time to get tested.

Options to get tested for STDs

You can get tested for STDs in a variety of places:

  1. Doctor’s office – You will have to make an appointment with your doctor to get tested.
  2. Local hospitals – You can walk into a hospital to get tested, but this can be quite time-consuming and expensive.
  3. Pharmacies – Some pharmacies have these testing facilities, but they can be difficult to find.
  4. At home – While there are quite a few kits available that allow for a variety of tests that can be done at home, it is always recommended to visit an STD testing clinic or doctor.
  5. Urgent care clinics- An Urgent care clinic is the best option as it is quick, easy, and there is no need to make an appointment – just walk in.

Get STD Testing Today

At Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach, we have an excellent team of medical professionals that can get you tested hassle-free and with complete confidentiality; on top of being quick and inexpensive.

We also offer a wide range of other medical services along with high-accuracy testing. Get your tests done today by walking into our clinic. Remember, the faster you test, the earlier you can get treated.