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Where to Get STDs Tested and Treated?

Posted on Oct 5, 2022 in STD Testing | No Comments

Where to Get STDs Tested and Treated?

STDs, like many other diseases, are neither uncommon nor something that you should feel ashamed of. However, owing to the unfortunate stigma associated with the topic, seeking tests and treatments for STDs can be slightly overwhelming.

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach lists some affordable and easy STD testing and treatment options for you in this quick blog. Bottom of Form

Planned Parenthood

Even though Planned Parenthood is popular for last-minute contraceptives, it actually offers a wide range of services. You can get reliable STD testing and treatment in any planned parenthood center near you. The services are available for both men and women and are typically both affordable and accessible, which makes them a safe choice for all.

Your Regular Doctor

In usual cases, a visit to your general medical practitioner can be enough for an STD diagnosis and cure. If not, they can always point you in the right direction. Going to your regular doctor for STD testing and treatment can be a good choice primarily because you already have a certain level of comfort with them. Additionally, their knowledge of your health history can also help the treatment.


You can get STDs screened and tested at your local hospital. All you have to do is call your nearest hospital and confirm if they run an STD clinic. If yes, you can book yourself a test at affordable prices.

Community Health Centers

If you are looking for economical STD testing and treatment, you should consider local health centers. Most of these departments offer free or sliding-scale payment options for the locals. You can easily book a test through a call or by going to the facility directly.

Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics, as the name suggests, offer immediate medical care in emergencies. These clinics provide good quality, quick services at significantly cheaper rates. They also maintain 100% confidentiality which is great for someone afraid of the taboo surrounding STDs.

Get Quick and Reliable STD Testing and Treatments

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