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How Frequently Should You Have Blood Work Done?

Posted on Jun 22, 2022 in Blood Testing | No Comments

How Frequently Should You Have Blood Work Done?

Blood tests are some of the most common medical tests ordered by physicians today. They offer a detailed insight of a person’s bodily functions and abnormalities if any, to a trained eye. Blood work helps doctors diagnose diseases at early stages and also indicates how the body is subjected to changes over time. Doctors usually order blood tests during routine check-ups or before a major procedure to get an idea of how your body’s functioning.

If you are pondering over how often should you get a blood test, it depends upon a variety of factors:

  • Medical Conditions: If you have any underlying medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, blood pressure or liver and kidney ailments, then your doctor will order blood testing more frequently. This period may vary from three months to six months depending upon your doctor’s discretion.
  • Annual Check-Up: Doctors usually ask their patients to get a blood test done for their annual check-up. This provides them a window into their patient’s bodily functions as well as detects any abnormalities that could indicate future medical problems.
  • Symptoms: If you develop some sudden or gradual symptoms on or in your body like swellings, rashes, or fatigue and more, then your doctor might order a blood test depending upon what they are looking for.

Blood tests contain multiple panels that look for different components of blood such as proteins, hormones, and electrolytes, related to different functions of the body. We shall take a look at the most common of them all, which is the blood sugar panel to get a better understanding.

The Blood Sugar Panel: This test looks for the sugar levels in blood. Elevated sugar levels are a marker of lack of insulin or body’s resistance to insulin or both. This can cause diabetes, which over time can cause a series of other ailments throughout the body.

People often ask how fast can I get results of the blood tests and is there a blood testing facility near me? The blood tests usually provide results within 24-72 hours. It also depends upon the kind of labs and the nature of your testing.

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