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The Benefits of Rapid Covid Testing

Posted on Oct 6, 2021 in Rapid Covid Testing | No Comments

The Benefits of Rapid Covid Testing

Rapid testing has been a crucial element in helping control the COVID-19 pandemic across the country.

Medical teams harness rapid COVID testing to quickly determine the cause of symptoms and begin required isolation and treatment protocols. This post highlights the many benefits that rapid covid testing brings to the medical field.

Rapid Testing Allows for Effective Isolation

One of the most challenging issues associated with the COVID pandemic is that patients are often infectious before they experience symptoms. And so, patients may not undergo testing until they experience issues such as headaches or fever.

To catch as many COVID-19 cases as possible before these cases impact the wider community, healthcare teams will use rapid testing. It’s particularly effective in group spaces where teams work alongside one another, and one person has tested positive.

Rapid testing helps test groups of people simultaneously. It also ensures that any other positive cases are isolated from the rest of the group until the infection subsides.

Rapid Testing is Simple

Another benefit of rapid testing is that the process itself is relatively simple. Experts can carry tests out in a range of environments. For example, qualified professionals can conduct rapid tests in schools and workplaces when required.

The portability of the testing equipment and the option to allocate testing equipment to locations with high exposure to COVID-19 means medical professionals can quickly respond to an outbreak and mitigate the issue within a shorter timeframe.

Rapid Testing Helps Limit Economic Impact

Beyond the tragic medical consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, another associated challenge is the economic issues associated with closing workspaces and schools. Rapid testing ensures that those exposed to COVID receive their results in just a few hours. So, rather than isolating themselves for ten days or more, they may only miss a few hours of the workday or a few hours at home with their family as they await their results.

Rapid Testing Now Available at Surfside Urgent Care

Surfside Urgent Care now offers on-site COVID-19 rapid antigen testing. We can help you book your test and complete your test in a safe, well-equipped healthcare space.

To speak to a professional about your potential COVID-19 symptoms or book your test, please call our team today.