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Everything You Need to Know About Rapid COVID Testing

Posted on Nov 23, 2021 in Rapid Covid Testing | No Comments

Everything You Need to Know About Rapid COVID Testing

A standard COVID-19 test can often take several days to come back with results. Waiting around for the outcome of the test can create a lot of worry and anxiety. Fortunately, rapid COVID testing is another option for many people that can help you get the results much quicker.

Understanding the Different Types of COVID Tests

Scheduling an appointment at an urgent care center is a convenient way to get tested for COVID. Three different testing options are available, which include COVID-19 rapid antigen testing, COVID-19 antibody testing, and COVID-19 PCR testing. It’s important to know that rapid antigen testing doesn’t test for the virus itself, but it will detect the protein that the body makes while fighting the virus.

One of the biggest advantages of rapid antigen testing is that it offers quick results, such as 15-30 minutes in most cases. On the other hand, COVID-19 PCR testing actually tests for the virus, and COVID-19 antibody testing can help you determine if you have previously had the virus. However, it’s important to remember that it takes longer to get the results of these tests.

How Does the Rapid Testing Process Work?

A healthcare professional will conduct a rapid antigen test by taking a mucus sample while using a nasal swab. You might be asked to blow your nose to make it easier to obtain a sample for collection. The swab will enter your nose for a couple of seconds before the swab is removed and put into a collection tube. These results can be interpreted visually or with an instrument analyzer.

How Accurate Are These Rapid Tests?

Most positive results from a rapid test are highly accurate, and false positives aren’t likely to occur. However, false negatives are more likely, as it’s a good idea to follow up with a standard PCR test to further confirm the results. Getting additional testing is especially important if you are experiencing any symptoms. It’s recommended to receive two negative test results, as one of these will include the standard PCR test.

Contact Urgent Care to Learn More

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach offers COVID testing services. You can schedule your test ahead of time, as all of these tests are conducted outside of the clinic or in your vehicle.

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