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Things to Know About Covid-19 Vaccines

Posted on Apr 1, 2021 in Blog | No Comments

Across the United States, vaccination production and distribution have been ramping up. Whether you’re considering the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you might have some questions about the vaccine in general and what things might look like after you’ve received it.

Read on for some basics about the Covid-19 vaccine, general tips to keep in mind both pre-and post-vaccination, and more information about Covid-19 testing near you.

What We Know

When it comes to the Covid-19 vaccines, research has shown that all of the vaccines are effective in both helping to prevent you from contracting the virus, as well as minimizing the illness if you do contract it so that symptoms more closely resemble that of a common cold. Once the vaccine is administered, it instructs the body on how to recognize and fight the Covid-19 virus and builds up the body’s immunity. This process normally takes around 2 weeks to happen- meaning it’s still possible for someone to become infected before or shortly after they receive the vaccine and have more serious Covid-19 side effects.

What We’re Learning

While research has demonstrated that Covid-19 vaccines are extremely effective in both preventing individuals from contracting the virus, as well as minimizing any serious side effects such as death or hospitalization, there is still uncertainty around how vaccines impact viral spread. Right now it is unclear how someone with both their vaccine and a mild or symptomless form of Covid-19 might still spread the virus, and whether or not the vaccine impacts this sort of transmission. For these reasons, even if you’ve received your Covid-19 vaccine it’s important to keep doing things like wearing masks and socially distance in public places to not influence the spread.

Vaccine Safety

When it comes to all of the Covid-19 vaccines, the solutions have been put under the most rigorous safety testing in the history of the United States, and millions of people across the world have already received the vaccine. After receiving the vaccine, there might be some side-effects, including chills, tiredness, arm soreness, etc. These side effects are completely normal and are just an indication that your body is building up its immunity against Covid-19.

If you have questions about the vaccines, their effectiveness, and want to learn more about how they work, please get in touch with your family physician, or look for more information through reliable sources such as the CDC’s website. Make sure your information is coming from trusted and reliable health professionals.

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