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Why You Should Take Advantage of Telehealth Services

Posted on Feb 20, 2021 in Blog | No Comments

From fitness classes to counseling services, COVID-19 has given rise to a plethora of digital alternatives to services that were previously done in person. Thanks to video conferencing technology, our patients at Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach now have the option to meet with physicians from the safety of their homes using our telehealth services. This is especially useful for immunocompromised individuals who face serious risks if they do not remain isolated.

In this article, our team of healthcare professionals has explained some of the key benefits of our telehealth services and why you should seek out a doctor on demand for your next appointment.

Benefits of Telehealth Services

Affordable healthcare – Our clinic is dedicated to providing Laguna Beach residents with affordable healthcare and our telehealth services are no exception. The cost of speaking to one of our doctors on-demand via video conferencing is covered by most major health insurance companies.

Compatible with various devices – When one of our patients schedules a telehealth appointment with one of our physicians, our team is there to assist in downloading the telehealth app, where video conferencing will take place. This can be done on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, making it possible for practically anyone to take advantage of this service.

Fast prescriptions – Telehealth services allow doctors to meet with more patients per day, which means it is much easier to get an appointment on short notice. Our physicians are able to write prescriptions during a video conferencing session and have these documents sent directly to the patient’s pharmacy for pickup. This allows patients to get the care they need in much less time than a regular appointment.

Guaranteed privacy – Through our secure telehealth app, patients are assured that their information will remain private. Our services are entirely HIPAA-compliant, meaning your right to privacy is upheld in exactly the same manner as to be expected during our in-person appointments.

Contact-free appointments – The spread of COVID-19 has posed a major health threat to the population, which is why people are encouraged to do everything they can to avoid contact with others during this time. Opting for a doctor on demand through a contact-free video conferencing appointment is a great way to avoid entering high-risk medical facilities and potentially contributing to the spread of the virus.

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach

Whether you wish to renew a prescription or meet with your doctor for a regular check-up, telehealth services can help. Book your virtual appointment with one of our physicians today.