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30 Nov 2021

STD Testing: Why you Need It

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Five Reasons to Get Tested for STDs STD testing is important in preventing the spread of numerous diseases. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how common STDs are due to a variety of misconceptions. Learning more about the risks of STDs is important in educating yourself while staying proactive against these health concerns. Here are a […]

27 Oct 2021

When to Have an STD Test | Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach

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When is the Best Time to Have an STD Test? Lacking accurate information on your sexual health can be extremely dangerous. Even those who regularly get tested for STDs following unprotected sex often receive false information if they do not time their visit to the clinic appropriately. Depending on the type of STD test you […]

1 Oct 2021

The Benefits of STD Testing

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The Benefits of STD Testing The number of Americans suffering STDs is on the rise. Thousands across the country are experiencing the symptoms of STDs daily and must take multiple medications to treat their condition. To mitigate the long-term health impact of STDs, make sure that you commit to proactive STD testing. Our team at Surfside […]