Laguna Beach Urgent Care

Get Amazing Urgent Care Right Here in Laguna Beach Seven Days A Week

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Just because a medical problem isn't life-threatening, that doesn't mean it can wait until Monday morning.  That's why we provide urgent care service 7 days a week to residents of Laguna Beach and Dana Point at a convenient walk-in clinic.  Our clinic is fast and friendly, and ready to help you with a wide variety of medical services.

No Appointment Necessary!

One of the best things about our amazing urgent care clinic is that you never need to make an appointment.  Wait times are usually quite short, especially overnight.  Much of the time, you can walk straight in and see a trained medical specialist within minutes of arrival.

That can save you so much time and means resolving your problem that much more quickly.

Of course, you can also set an appointment if you prefer!

Plenty of Services Available

An urgent care clinic isn't set up to handle truly life-threatening emergencies, particularly anything that requires surgical intervention.  However, for mild to moderate medical issues, we're fast and affordable.  Just a few of the services we provide include:

We also have our own fully stocked pharmacy on-site, so it truly couldn't be quicker or easier to receive a diagnosis and the medicines you need to get better.

No Insurance?  Not A Problem!

We know, it's getting harder and harder to find quality medical treatment if you lack insurance, or only have minimal coverage.  That's why we're here!  We cut out all the overhead of hospitals and doctor's offices so that we can offer high-quality treatment from trained and licensed professionals... but at prices, anyone can afford.

We don't demand insurance, although we do accept most common types if you are insured.  Our prices are highly reasonable, and we're happy to work out a payment plan if necessary.

We want you to get better, regardless of your financial status.

Go Surfside For Amazing Urgent Care in Laguna Beach

In short, Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach can be your trusted provider for all your non-life-threatening medical needs.  From prescriptions to testing to disease management, we're here to provide quality care.  Walk in any time, or contact us directly to schedule an appointment.