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Five Reasons Urgent Care in Dana Point Is Better Than Visiting the Hospital

Posted on Mar 17, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

So, you or someone in your family suddenly has a medical need.  Where should you go – to the hospital, or your local Dana Point urgent care clinic?

Well, if it’s a genuinely life-threatening situation – such as a heart attack, gunshot, or stroke – then you need to go to the hospital emergency room.  However, for any other medical situation that isn’t immediately life-threatening, your local urgent care clinic is going to be the better option!

Ways That Make Dana Point Urgent Care Better Than A Hospital Visit

  1. Low prices

Hospital visits are incredibly expensive – often ruinously so.  Today, two-thirds of bankruptcies in America are due to hospital bills.  However, that’s not true of urgent care centers.  Clinics keep their overhead low and don’t overcharge for services.  That means they can keep their prices at the point that just about anyone can afford care, and offer payment plans as needed.

  1. No insurance necessary

Many hospitals and doctor’s offices might even refuse to treat you if you don’t have insurance.  But not an urgent care clinic!  Most clinics will take insurance if you happen to carry it but being insured is no requirement to receive care.  We’ll see anyone who needs our help.

  1. No appointment necessary

For too many people, the choice is between the absurd costs of an ER visit, even for a minor complaint, or literally waiting weeks for a doctor’s appointment.  That is unless you visit a Dana Point urgent care center!  Urgent care clinics always accept walk-ins.  When you need care, you need it now.  Not a fortnight from now.

  1. Short wait times

While crowds can be unpredictable, when you visit an urgent care clinic, you are almost certain to see a doctor far more quickly than if you go to the hospital.  Urgent care clinics are set up to provide care in the shortest possible time.

  1. An all-in-one source

At a Dana Point urgent care clinic, you’ll be able to see a Doctor, have disease testing -if needed- and pick up the medicines you need at the on-site pharmacy.  It’s a true one-stop-shop for all your medical needs that aren’t life-threatening.


So, the next time you need medical attention, don’t waste time and money visiting the Emergency Room.  Instead, visit and contact our Surfside Urgent Care team for fast and affordable medical services.