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Understanding the Importance of Receiving A Medical Physical Exam in Laguna Beach

Posted on Feb 27, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Getting an annual medical physical exam can help you avoid numerous medical issues!

Many people only go to the doctor or Urgent Care clinic when they’re already sick – but what if that sickness could have been prevented?  Routine physical examinations can spot numerous potential medical problems before they become a problem.  Preventative care is always easier – and cheaper – than caring for a disease, so getting regular examinations simply makes sense.

Plus, when you visit our local Urgent Care clinic in Laguna Beach, these examinations are quick, friendly, and highly affordable!

What Happens in Medical Physical Exam?

The examination covers many aspects of your life and health.  The specifics may vary a bit depending on each patient’s circumstances, but just about any routine examination will cover the following issues:

  • Medical history.  Your doctor or clinician will take a look at your chart, if available, or discuss your medical history with you.  Medical problems you’ve had in the past may point to potential problems on the horizon, particularly if you’ve had serious disease or surgeries in the past.
  • Lifestyle.  What does a typical day in your life look like?  What sort of diet do you eat?  Do you exercise regularly?  Do you use any harmful drugs or chemicals that can cause health issues?  All these will be covered.
  • Physical wellness.  The exam also, of course, involves a thorough look at your body, inside and out.  This will include height/weight, blood pressure, and similar indicators.  Depending on your situation, there may also be some blood or urine tests looking for signs of disease.

After the examination is completed, you and your doctor will have a much more thorough idea of your bodily health!

Who Should Get A Medical Physical Exam?

There are numerous reasons a person might get an examination.  Many workplaces and schools require a physical exam, for example, or they could have the testing done voluntarily.

People under 40 usually do not need regular examinations, unless they have reason to believe they’re at risk for physical problems.  An exam every 3-5 years should suffice.  However, those over 40, are advised to receive an annual check-up.  The older you are, the more it can help!

For Easy Physical Examinations, Visit Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach

Our fast and friendly clinic is the perfect place for work or school physical exams, or just routine check-ups.  Contact us to make an appointment, or just walk in!