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4 Facts About Urgent Care Clinics

Posted on Sep 22, 2021 in Urgent Care | No Comments

Four Interesting Facts About Urgent Care Clinics in California

Urgent care clinics have become the primary resource for people in California to receive medical attention whether for urgent or non-urgent purposes. Urgent care clinics offer convenience, affordability, excellent care, and more. Even so, there are a few things that the majority of people in California do not know about these facilities.

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach is California’s top urgent care clinic. Our experts have listed four interesting facts that you may not know about these types of healthcare centers.

 4 Things to Know About Your Nearest Urgent Care Clinic

1. Urgent care clinics free up space in the emergency room

One of the most appealing things about visiting an urgent care clinic as opposed to a hospital is that there are many more urgent care facilities than there are hospitals in California. Therefore, these centers tend to be much more accessible than the emergency room, while providing many of the same emergency services. By going to one of these facilities for your urgent care needs, hospitals remain available to those who need them.

2. Urgent care clinics are different from walk-in clinics

Many people confuse walk-in clinics with urgent care clinics. Although these types of healthcare facilities do offer many of the same services that you would find in a regular walk-in clinic, they also offer many advanced services, technology, and forms of emergency care that you may only expect to find in a hospital.

3. Urgent Care patients should still visit their general practitioner

Due to the experienced physicians working in urgent care centers in Laguna Beach, many patients believe they can replace their regular doctor visits with occasional trips to the nearest urgent care clinic. These appointments should, however, work in conjunction with your regular doctor visits to ensure complete patient care. Your GP will be able to provide refills on regular prescriptions and re-assess your health status as needed.

4. Urgent care clinics are increasing in popularity

Every year, physicians working in urgent care clinics gain further access to advanced technology and other health resources. For this reason, it has become much more commonplace for the newer generations to visit their nearest urgent care clinic as opposed to their family doctor or the emergency room in the event of a health crisis.

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