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The Benefits of STD Testing

Posted on Oct 1, 2021 in STD Testing | No Comments

The Benefits of STD Testing

The number of Americans suffering STDs is on the rise. Thousands across the country are experiencing the symptoms of STDs daily and must take multiple medications to treat their condition. To mitigate the long-term health impact of STDs, make sure that you commit to proactive STD testing.

Our team at Surfside Urgent Care offers same-day testing services for patients experiencing STD symptoms.

Let’s explore the value of a commitment to proactive testing.

Allows You to Begin Treatment Immediately

When you experience the symptoms of an STD, the initial stages are the best time to seek treatment. That’s because many STDs such as HPV can have a permanent impact when they go untreated. HPV can lead to cancer without speedy medical intervention.

Simply by visiting your local urgent care facility, you can safeguard your health for the long term. In the case of conditions such as HIV, you may be able to stall the progress of the disease with early treatment.

Helps Provide Relief

A negative STD test may provide you with some relief as you know you have not contracted a disease. It can be a significant boost to those experiencing anxiety related to potential STD symptoms. The alternative of waiting for the symptoms to resolve themselves will prevent you from living in comfort and may worsen your anxiety over time. By speaking with a qualified specialist at your local urgent care clinic, you can get the information you need and gain a sense of relief.

You May Not Experience Symptoms

Remember that STDs don’t always have related symptoms. So, you may not have any idea that you have the condition until you begin the testing process. Diseases such as herpes and chlamydia, for example, may not have any symptoms but can lead to infertility. Without knowing whether you have an STD, you could be potentially impacting your life or the lives of your loved ones for years to come.

Turn to Surfside Urgent Care of Pasadena for Prompt STD Testing

Our experienced team at Surfside Urgent Care is now offering a broad range of STD testing services for patients throughout the region. When you book a test at our facility, we will provide your results the same day. It’s the ideal process for achieving relief and ensuring speedy and effective treatment administration.

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