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Visit Your Local Laguna Beach Urgent Care Clinic for A Medical Physical Exam

Posted on Mar 25, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

When is the last time you received a medical physical exam?

Too many people overlook the importance of physical examinations.  Due, undoubtedly, to the high costs of health care at hospitals and doctor's offices, plenty of people never receive preventative care.  They only go to the doctor when they're sick - even though that means a lot of extra cost and trouble.

If you get an annual medical physical exam, you can prevent a lot of headaches (literally!) and enjoy better overall health.  Better yet, if you get your exam at our Laguna Beach urgent care clinic, it's easy and affordable.

Four Reasons That Everyone Should Receive Annual Physical Exams

  • Prevent problems from occurring

A wide range of diseases and other disorders show very subtle symptoms long before they start causing trouble for a patient.  If you go to a physical exam, your doctor can spot those symptoms, and head off trouble before it even really starts.  This means less time off work, less worry about infecting friends and family, and a more comfortable life.

  • Start treatment early for serious diseases

When talking about major long-term illnesses which can threaten your life, such as cancer, your odds of surviving go up based on how early you begin treatment.  Annual physical examinations at an urgent care clinic can spot symptoms such as pre-cancerous lumps and refer you for treatment before it becomes a true danger.

  • Save money

You've undoubtedly heard the expression "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  What it means is that preventing medical problems is almost always less expensive than dealing with those problems.  Usually, it's far less expensive.  Spending a small amount of money on a clinic physical can prevent extremely expensive trips to the hospital later on.

  • Get lifestyle counseling 

A physical examination doesn't only look at your body.  Your doctor will also talk to you about your life, your diet, your exercise routine, and other elements of your lifestyle that could potentially impact your life.  This allows them to offer helpful advice that further reduces your chances of serious illness!

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach Is Here to Help

We provide a wide range of medical services seven days a week, from providing medical physical exams to helping you with emergency illnesses.  There's no need for an appointment, just walk in or contact our team whenever you need us.