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The Testing Procedures at a Walk in STD Clinic

Posted on Jul 12, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments

We know that undergoing STD testing at a walk-in clinic is rarely a comfortable experience for any of our patients. But our team takes the time to make sure each patient is put at ease during the testing process. To help guide you regarding the value of these tests, we’re highlighting the importance of testing procedures at your local walk-in STD clinic, in this latest post.

Clinics help you realize you’re not alone

One of the most important roles of the team at the walk-in STD clinic is to help you realize you’re not alone. The team will help you understand the testing process and can play a key role in guiding you should you discover you have an STD.

Walk-in clinics offer anonymity

Your walk-in STD clinic will also be able to offer you anonymity as you go through the testing process. They can help you to keep your private information protected. This is often the leading concern of those going through the STD testing process, as they wish to remove the chances that an employer or relative might find out about their test.

Clinics can help offer support

Support groups are an important aspect of STD care. If you discover you have contracted an STD, you will be able to find the ideal support system for you through your walk-in STD clinic. They can connect you with local groups for those who are going through the same feelings. They can also help you to connect with a treatment specialist for any long-term care requirements.

Clinics have the technology for prompt results

An important benefit to having STD testing completed at the clinic is that results can be provided to you in a quick timeframe. You won’t have to wait around for the results to be available. You’ll be able to get access to the information you need on short notice.

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Working with a qualified team at your local walk-in clinic is the best way to ensure you go through the STD testing process in complete comfort. To discover more about this process, call Surfside Urgent Care today.