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The Benefits of Visiting Laguna Niguel Urgent Care Facilities

Posted on Jul 12, 2018 in Updates | No Comments

If you experience an injury or illness, having the information you need to decide between emergency rooms and urgent care facilities can help save time and money. Our experts at Surfside Urgent Care are committed to patient guidance, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of visiting Laguna Niguel urgent care facilities.

  • Saving time

One of the foremost benefits of visiting Laguna Niguel urgent care facilities is that you’ll save time in receiving care. Emergency room staff see hundreds of people a day and the likelihood is that many others will have more severe conditions than you when you arrive. Patients and see in order of severity, so you could face a long wait. At urgent care facilities, you’ll be able to see a doctor in a short amount of time ready for prompt treatment.

  • Reduce costs

You’ll also save money when you visit an urgent care facility. Emergency room visits can be expensive, often costing $500 or more for a simple procedure or test. Visiting an urgent care clinic can help you to save hundreds of dollars. The care is more affordable because the urgent care facility is often competing with others in the area and can offer the ideal level of service at a lower price.

  • More comfortable experience

You’ll find that the urgent care experience is far more comfortable than the experience of visiting an urgent care facility. One of the challenges associated with emergency room visits is that there will be trauma taking place around you. Urgent care facilities see less severe injuries such as shoulder injuries and cuts, and this can mean you’re able to bring family members to see the urgent care building without experiencing further distress.

  • Convenience

With multiple facilities across your region, it can be more convenient to see specialists at urgent care buildings. There are convenient locations with quick access provided from across the city. Emergency rooms are often exceptionally busy and with usually only one facility for a city of several hundred thousand.

Our team at Surfside Urgent Care can help you achieve the ideal treatment for your health issues at our Laguna Niguel urgent care facility. To learn more, call us today.