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How Safe Is The Nearest Urgent Care During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Posted on Nov 16, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, there’s been some confusion about whether going to the ER is needed. We’ve been told to stay home when we’re feeling sick so we don’t overwhelm frontline workers and as a result, those who need urgent care aren’t seeking it when they should.  If you are experiencing an emergency, Surfside Urgent Care is here to assist you.

Below are three tips on how to navigate your nearest urgent care facility.

Are Emergency Rooms Safe? If you’re displaying coronavirus symptoms, it’s been advised by public health officials to avoid emergency facilities as it can affect those who are immunocompromised and healthcare workers. If you’re severely injured (including broken bones) or experiencing difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, high and uncontrolled fever then you should go to your nearest urgent care hospital. It’s inevitable that emergencies can happen so don’t delay your care.

When Should I Go to Urgent Care? If you’re experiencing symptoms such as coughs, colds, ear and sinus infections, sprains and strains you can go to your nearest urgent care facility but it’s advised you check if they have an online portal or telemedicine consultation. At Surfside Urgent Care, you can use our online services and speak with a doctor at your convenience.

What Is the Best Time to Visit My Nearest Urgent Care? If your symptoms are making you extremely uncomfortable, it’s recommended you get to your nearest clinic as early as possible, so you receive care right away. On average, people wait between 15-45 minutes for a visit with a doctor. Lunchtime and after work hours (between 5:00pm-7:00pm) are when urgent care facilities are busiest, so if you can avoid those times, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. At Surfside Urgent Care we help our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter your symptoms, come in today and we’ll happily assist you.

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With all this being said, if you are displaying Covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath and fatigue), you should isolate and stay away from emergency rooms. If you’ve been in contact with someone infected, it’s encouraged to call your primary physician or clinic beforehand. If you’re not sure what you can do, give us a call at 949-715-7278 or through our online contact form for further questions.