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Recommended Blood Tests for the Elderly

Posted on Dec 7, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Getting consistent blood work or blood “panels” done is something that becomes even more crucial for older adults. Normally, blood work will be a common process in your regular check-ups and physicals, however, it’s also useful in diagnosing any issues you might be having. For example, blood tests can help you determine whether your low energy and exhaustion is a sign of anemia or an iron deficiency. Regardless of the reason, the older you get the more important it is to do your research and be engaged when it comes to your own health. If you’re wondering what some of the most common blood tests for the elderly are and looking for a good testing location in the Laguna Beach area, be sure to read on for some valuable insight and contact Surfside Urgent Care for your blood work needs. 


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

The first panel commonly used in laboratory blood testing is a Complete Blood Count (CBC). These tests are often used for things like diagnosing anemia, determining if someone is fighting off an infection, tracking the health of bone marrow, and finding out if there are any issues with blood clotting. Some of the different tests related to the cells in your blood include counts for white and red blood cells, hemoglobin ratios, hematocrit, and platelet counts.


Basic Metabolic Panel (Basic Electrolyte Panel)

Getting a Basic Metabolic Panel can be useful in determining any shifts in electrolytes brought on by side effects from medications for things like blood pressure or diuretics. It can also help measure things like kidney functioning through creatinine and BUN levels, and test for blood acidity through carbon dioxide levels. The Basic Metabolic Panel or “chem-7” includes testing for electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, and Glucose.


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

This panel includes measuring the items listed above as well as a few extra additions. It helps provide further insight into calcium levels which are normally regulated by the kidneys, albium which is a key protein in the bloodstream, AST and ALT which are in liver cells, and bilirubin which is produced by the liver. The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel or “chem-14” includes additional tests for Calcium, Total Protein, Albium, Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphatase, AST (aspartate aminotransferase), and ALT (alanine aminotransferase).


Lipid (Cholesterol) Panel

The final common blood work panel for older adults that you might encounter is a lipid (cholesterol) panel which measures the amount of cholesterol or related fats in your blood. These tests are valuable in assessing cardiovascular risk in older populations and include testing for total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.


At Surfside Urgent Care we are here for your blood testing needs, and more than happy to provide support and assistance. Our qualified healthcare professionals can give consultations via a private and secure telemedicine appointment, and work with you to determine what blood testing options work best for you. We also have our on-site testing lab which will help reduce your wait time and give you speedy results on all of your blood work. Contact us today to book an appointment!