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Laboratory Testing: 6 Reasons to Get Tested at Urgent Care

Posted on Dec 8, 2022 in Urgent Care | No Comments

Laboratory Testing: 6 Reasons to Get Tested at Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are becoming increasingly popular for having blood tests and other laboratory tests done. Our staff at Surfside Urgent Care in Laguna Beach, CA tell you why in this new post.

1. Convenience and Efficiency

Visiting an urgent care center for a blood test or any other laboratory test is very efficient as it will save you a ton of time. When you visit an urgent care center, you won’t have to wait too long for an appointment.

2. Affordability

A huge plus in getting your test done at Surfside Urgent Care in Laguna Beach, CA is that you will save a ton of money. Urgent care centers generally charge you way less than what you would be paying at a hospital. Insurance is also accepted at most urgent care centers. However, regardless of whether you have insurance or not, you will be less likely to burn a hole in your wallet getting tested at an urgent care center than at the ER.

3. Rapid Tests

Surfside Urgent Care provides rapid tests that will give you results in less than 10 minutes. This will help diagnose you fast so that you know what to do in terms of treatment. At our laboratory, we offer an expansive list of rapid tests, including:

  • Rapid strep
  • Rapid mono
  • Rapid flu (influenza A & B)
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Hemoglobin (anemia)
  • Urinalysis
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Blood sugar tests

4. STD Tests

Our staff at Surfside Urgent Care can provide you with immediate, comprehensive STD testing. Whether you’ve been exposed, or you simply wish to get tested for your own peace of mind, our physicians can test you for the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, herpes, hepatitis B & C, HIV, HPV, Syphilis, and trichomoniasis.

5. Pre-Op Tests

If you have a surgical procedure coming up and your doctor has ordered tests beforehand, we can provide your doctor with quick results within 24 hours for physical examinations, EKGs, chest x-rays and pre-op labs.

6. Blood Tests

Blood tests are an important examination to get as they let your health care professional know whether your major internal organs are functioning well or if they need extra attention. You can make an appointment at our urgent care clinic to make sure that your blood counts are balanced.

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