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Four Ways to Choose an Urgent Care Clinic in Laguna Niguel, CA

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 in Blog | No Comments

If you’ve been thinking about adding urgent care in Laguna Niguel, CA, to your list of clinics providing medical care for yourself or your family, you’re not alone.  An urgent care clinic can provide almost all the same services as a regular hospital, but with lower prices and (usually) much shorter wait times.

In fact, we’re seeing more clinics providing urgent care in Laguna Niguel than ever before.  So, we wanted to talk a bit about how you can choose a high-quality urgent care clinic, one which is a good fit for you and your family.

Four Factors When Choosing Urgent Care in Laguna Niguel, CA

  1. Proximity

While urgent care facilities can also provide a full range of preventative care and check-ups, you still want a walk-in clinic that’s nearby.  Ideally, it should be less than half an hour away, so that it’ll be easy for you to get there when you need them.  When you start searching for clinics, start by investigating those which are closest and then work your way outwards if you don’t like your first pick.

  1. Cost and Insurance Acceptance 

An urgent care clinic is always going to be less expensive than going to the hospital or ER, but it’s still good to know what their fees are.  Also, walk-in clinics can have very different policies regarding insurance:  which types they accept, and how they handle people without insurance.  Call around and get this information, and -of course- try to find a clinic that accepts your insurance, if you have coverage.

  1. Check the reviews

Urgent care clinics are reviewed online, just like any other business.  Run a search through Google Local, Yelp, or whatever other source you trust and see what other patients have to say.  Often, their experiences will help you know which of the clinics near you will provide you with the best care.

  1. Come visit!

When you have time, go visit the clinics you’re most interested in.  Take a look at their facilities or watch and see what interactions between nurses and patients are like.  That should tell you all you need to know about how you’ll be treated as well.

Surfside Urgent Care Is Here for You

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