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Experiencing A Medical Emergency? You Need the Best Urgent Care in Laguna Beach!

Posted on Sep 10, 2018 in Blog | No Comments

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere.  When you’re in Laguna Beach and a medical emergency happens, you need the best urgent care available – and you need it fast!

Laguna Beach urgent care from Surfside Urgent Care is available for everyone who is experiencing a medical emergency, and it’s available 24/7.  In many cases, it may even be a better option than going to the hospital emergency room!  Here are just a few reasons to seek out the best urgent care in Laguna Beach.

Three Reasons to Seek Out Laguna Beach Urgent Care Near You for Mild to Moderate Medical Emergencies

  • Urgent Care has less wait

One of the biggest problems with hospital Emergency Rooms is that they’re usually overcrowded and under-staffed.  Also -for obvious reasons- they prioritize people based on how life-threatening their situation is.  So, if you’ve had a medical emergency that isn’t life-threatening, such as a broken arm, it doesn’t matter how much pain you’re in.  You won’t be seen until more serious cases are attended to.

Urgent care clinics almost always have fewer patients and more doctors.  They still prioritize based on severity, of course, but you will usually have to wait for less time.

  • Urgent Care is more affordable

All you have to do is read the news to see stories about how incredibly expensive hospital care is.  A single trip to the ER could potentially bankrupt a person!  Urgent care clinics understand this and are structured to be as inexpensive as possible.  They’ll even see you if you don’t have insurance and work out fair pricing terms you can afford without having to take out a mortgage.

  • The care is just as good as any other clinic

Urgent Care centers do not skimp on expertise!  They’re staffed with fully-qualified nurses and doctors, just like any other medical facility.  These are just nurses and doctors who’ve chosen to work for lower pay, specifically so they can help more sick people become well.  (Rather than merely helping rich sick people.)

When Should You Go to the ER?

To be clear: Urgent care clinics do not have full surgical facilities or the equipment for immediate life-saving intervention. For matters such as strokes, heart attacks, serious burns, gunshots, and other genuinely life-threatening conditions, go to the hospital.

But for everything else, seek out the best urgent care near you in Laguna Beach. Contact Surfside Urgent Care today.