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Four Reasons to Visit A Walk-In Medical Clinic in Laguna Beach

Posted on Jan 22, 2019 in Blog | No Comments

There are numerous reasons a person might want to visit a walk-in medical clinic in Laguna Beach.  In fact, what many people don’t realize is that you can visit a walk-in clinic for almost any medical problem that isn’t immediately life threatening!  You can get all the same quality of care you expect from a hospital, but with lower prices and shorter wait times.

The full list of services available is almost too many to count, but these are some of the most common reasons we see people visiting a walk-in clinic.

Four Common Reasons to Visit A Walk-In Medical Clinic in Laguna Beach

  1. You’ve received a cut that only needs a few stitches

Cuts and lacerations can be dangerous – but not usually.  Even a relatively serious kitchen accident isn’t going to be life-threatening.  However, if you’ve cut yourself badly, you do still need to get stitched up.  That stops the bleeding, as well as minimizing the chances of long-term scarring.  Walk-in clinics are perfect for this situation.

  1. You need a physical exam or drug test

It’s extremely common for schools, workplaces, and other organizations to require would-be members to get a physical exam and/or drug test.  There’s no reason to waste time and money going to the hospital or doctor’s office for such a simple procedure!  Your local Laguna Beach walk-in clinic can get them done quickly, professionally, and affordably.

  1. You (or your family) need immunizations 

Getting your yearly shots is another great use for your local walk-in clinic.  They’ll have all of the current immunizations, and they’ll be able to provide those shots with a minimum of cost.  Better yet, there should be little or no waiting around.  You could have your entire family immunized in just a matter of minutes.

  1. You have a cold or flu you want checked out

The problem with having the flu is that there are a lot of diseases that cause “flu-like symptoms.”  It can be hard to know if something that seems like a cold/flu is just an everyday illness, or something more serious – especially if it hangs around for more than a few days.  You can get blood tests done at a walk-in clinic at minimum cost and put your mind at ease.

In short, if your life isn’t in danger, come visit your local Laguna Beach walk-in medical clinic instead!