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Five Facts About Urgent Care Clinics Near You

Posted on Feb 8, 2022 in Urgent Care | No Comments

Five Facts About Urgent Care Clinics Near You

Urgent Care Clinics are a convenient way to receive healthcare for non-life-threatening injuries. You can often wait less than 20 minutes, which is much better compared to waiting around in the emergency room. Learning more information about the nearest urgent care in your area is always a great decision.

What You Need to Know About Urgent Care Clinics

1) Reduces Unnecessary Visits to the ER

Visiting an urgent care clinic is a better choice compared to a costly visit to the emergency room for a non-life-threatening injury. You will also save yourself a lot of time and stress. People visit an urgent care clinic for various ailments, such as muscle sprains, fevers, small cuts, or shortness of breath.

2) Access to Pharmacy

Another reason to consider an urgent care clinic is that most have their own pharmacy. You can get a prescription for most medications without having to make an extra trip. However, certain medications aren’t available at urgent care, such as narcotics, prescription refills, anti-anxiety medication, or long-term pain medications.

3) Popular Option for Millennials

Millennials often visit the nearest urgent care due to convenience, according to a FAIR Health survey. Gen-Xers are also more likely to rely on urgent care services instead of visiting a primary physician. On the other hand, people older than 45 are more likely to use primary care services.

4) Urgent Care Isn’t the Same as Retail Clinics

Many people often confuse urgent care and retail clinics with each other. However, retail clinics focus more on minor illnesses and preventive services. These retail clinics are found in supermarkets, pharmacies, or retail stores. Urgent care clinics are usually open for longer hours and focus on more immediate medical care services.

5) Urgent Care Doesn’t Replace Primary Care

Urgent care is a great option for people that can’t visit their regular doctor due to a lack of available appointments. In other words, urgent care is an excellent supplement for primary care. Using both of these services is recommended in giving you access to the best medical care.

Learn More About Using the Nearest Urgent Care in Your Area

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