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The Differences and Similarities Between Walk-In Medical and STD Clinics

Posted on Apr 20, 2023 in Blog, STD Testing, Walk-In Clinic | No Comments

The Differences and Similarities Between Walk-In Medical and STD Clinics

Many Laguna Beach residents believe walk-in medical clinics and STD centers provide the same services. However, while both healthcare facilities provide similar care, several differences separate their services. That’s why our team at Surfside Urgent Care put together some differences and similarities between walk-in medical centers and STD clinics.

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Walk-In Medical Centers and STD Clinics: Differences and Similarities

Walk-in medical clinics and STD centers have specific focuses that prioritize different healthcare issues. Understanding their differences can help you decide which center works best for your ailment or injury. Below are some key differences between walk-in clinics and STD centers.


The biggest difference between walk-in medical centers and STD clinics is the services they provide. STD facilities specialize in treating and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, while walk-in clinics offer a wide range of medical services.

People suffering from non-sexual-related ailments receive better medical care at walk-in clinics since they have more equipment and medical practitioners with broader medical focuses. However, STD clinics offer superior treatment for sexually related diseases.

For example, it’s best to visit a walk-in clinic if you experience broken bones or other significant injuries. Walk-in facilities have better X-ray equipment and qualified healthcare professionals that most STD clinics don’t have.

It’s important to note that neither clinic can treat life-threatening ailments or injuries efficiently. Always visit an emergency room for serious health issues.


Like STD centers, walk-in clinics offer sexual health evaluations. Patients with potential STDs can visit either facility and receive professional testing. However, STD clinics specialize in sexually transmitted diseases and have more resources to help patients curb symptoms and recover.

Most walk-in clinics and STD centers also offer vaccinations for various infections like hepatitis A and human papillomavirus. They can also provide safe sex supplies like condoms to diminish the chances of infection and brochures to educate people on treatments, pregnancy prevention, and more.

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