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Covid-19 Testing: Facts and Myths You Need to Know

Posted on Oct 20, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Every day, we are bombarded with new information about Covid-19 testing. Doctors are consistently learning more and more about the virus and informing the public is their number one priority. At Surfside Urgent Care, we provide our clients with safe covid-19 testing options. This includes curbside testing as well as video conference calls with a doctor if you feel uncomfortable leaving your home or are displaying symptoms.

  • What Is the Testing Procedure?

When you come into our clinic for a covid-19 test, one of our doctors will use a 6-inch swab, similar to a long Q-tip. This is inserted into the cavity between the nose and mouth for about 15 seconds while being rotated several times. The swabbing is repeated on the other side of the nose for another 15 seconds to ensure enough material is collected. Once the swab is complete, it goes to the lab for further testing.

We offer both swab-based tests as well as FDA-approved antibody testing. With both of these available options, we can determine whether you’ve contracted the virus or if you have in the past. With this information, you can self-isolate and have peace of mind.

  • Should You Get Tested for Covid-19?

If you are starting to develop symptoms of Covid-19, the best thing you can do is self-isolate and stay home. Public health officials are trying to contain the virus with early identification as well as contact tracing. If you start noticing symptoms but want to get tested, you can make an appointment with our Doctor on Demand telehealth service.

  • Who Are the Tests Prioritized For?

Covid-19 tests are currently prioritized for hospitalized and symptomatic patients. This includes those on ventilators as well as those displaying minor symptoms. Health care and frontline workers, first responders, social service employees, and people exposed to infected individuals are all prioritized. If you’re looking to get tested for the sake of getting tested, note who you’ve been in contact with and how you’re feeling before doing so.

  • What Is Antibody Covid-19 Testing?

Antibody testing is done with a blood sample that may be able to identify previous coronavirus infection. This test looks for the body’s immune response to Covid-19.

Let Our Laguna Beach Urgent Care Team Help

If you’re looking to get tested, come to Surfside Urgent Clinic or chat with us via videoconference. Our top priority is getting tests to those who need them. If you’re displaying symptoms of Covid-19, remember to stay home and limit your contact with others. Contact us today for information!