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10 Mar 2020

Get Amazing Urgent Care Right Here in Laguna Beach Seven Days A Week

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Just because a medical problem isn’t life-threatening, that doesn’t mean it can wait until Monday morning.  That’s why we provide urgent care service 7 days a week to residents of Laguna Beach and Dana Point at a convenient walk-in clinic.  Our clinic is fast and friendly, and ready to help you with a wide variety of […]

27 Feb 2020

Understanding the Importance of Receiving A Medical Physical Exam in Laguna Beach

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Getting an annual medical physical exam can help you avoid numerous medical issues! Many people only go to the doctor or Urgent Care clinic when they’re already sick – but what if that sickness could have been prevented?  Routine physical examinations can spot numerous potential medical problems before they become a problem.  Preventative care is always easier […]

17 Feb 2020

What You Should Know About Getting A Diabetes Blood Test in Laguna Beach

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Do you need a diabetes blood test? Blood sugar testing isn’t only for diabetics.  It’s a good idea for almost anyone to get their blood sugar levels checked from time to time.  A simple easy test can reveal a lot about your health, as well as giving warning if you might be developing diabetes. What […]

12 Feb 2020

Are Vitamin B12 Shots Right for You?

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Are you looking into vitamin B12 shots near you in Laguna Beach? B12 injections are popular for a wide variety of reasons, but they aren’t for everyone, and they potentially carry some side effects. Here’s what you need to know. What is Vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin the human body needs to […]

27 Jan 2020

B12 Deficiency: Its Diagnosis & Treatment

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One of the most common vitamins found in food like meat and dairy products is B12, but as we age, our body has a harder time processing it. This means that even taking supplements or getting a B12 shot from a clinic near you might not be enough. Below, the professionals from Surfside Urgent Care […]

21 Jan 2020

Normal Blood Sugar Levels, Testing & Diabetes

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Your blood sugar level is an important monitoring tool for your health. It helps you determine when you’re in need of food or additional nutrients, as well as whether you have an issue that could be a sign of diabetes. That’s why many regularly monitor their blood sugar levels and invest in a diabetes blood […]

16 Jan 2020

The Benefits of High School Sports Physical Exams & What to Expect

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When it comes to playing sports in high school, before stepping out onto the field, court, or wherever you’ll be playing, you’ll first be required to undergo a school physical exam. This is because most local school districts require students to be checked out before playing sports so that they can avoid any injuries and […]

30 Dec 2019

How Sports Physicals and School Physicals Differ

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Having regular physical exams done by a physician is essential to ensuring the healthy development of a child. Those who participate in sports may also require sports physicals, however, many people are unaware of the differences between a sports physical and a school physical exam. The team at Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach has […]

23 Dec 2019

5 Signs That You Should Have Your Blood Tested for Diabetes

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Diabetes is a frightening disease that is defined by the body’s inability to produce or process insulin and regulate blood glucose levels. Types of diabetes include type one, type two and gestational diabetes, which occur for a variety of reasons including pregnancy, dietary choices, viruses and genetics. Here are five of the key symptoms that […]

23 Dec 2019

Why Vitamin B12 Deficiencies Are Common Among Seniors

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As we get older, it is important to maintain an adequate intake of the essential vitamins that support our overall health and help combat common ailments that are associated with old age. Many seniors suffer from a lack of vitamin B12, which can result in serious neurological problems, a decrease in energy and a lower […]