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3 Nov 2020

Understanding the Benefits of Visiting A Walk-In Clinic Near You

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For the times you’re uninsured or don’t have a primary/family doctor, walk-in clinics are a great option. They were originally put in place to help people who don’t have medical benefits or insurance and at a fraction of the cost of a hospital. The best way to find the closest clinic is to look up […]

27 Oct 2020

What To Expect During An Online Doctor Visit

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Since coronavirus was declared a pandemic, many doctors’ offices have had to pivot and shift how they see their patients. Video chats, phone calls, and emails are the new reality of health care. In many ways, this can be viewed as positive as it allows for more flexibility and convenience for people’s schedules. At Surfside […]

20 Oct 2020

Covid-19 Testing: Facts and Myths You Need to Know

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Every day, we are bombarded with new information about Covid-19 testing. Doctors are consistently learning more and more about the virus and informing the public is their number one priority. At Surfside Urgent Care, we provide our clients with safe covid-19 testing options. This includes curbside testing as well as video conference calls with a […]

15 Sep 2020

Doctor on Demand: Consulting the Doctor Online

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With the recent demand for online services due to COVID-19, telehealth services have become more important and widely used than ever. If you require a doctor on demand, the fastest and most convenient option is to consult a physician via video conferencing. Not only can this be done from anywhere and on any device with […]

15 Aug 2020

Finding a Safe COVID Testing Center Near Me

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COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus, which is why unaffected individuals are advised to avoid clinics and hospitals unless symptoms or exposure to the virus become severe. For those who do require COVID testing, a critical question to ask is, “where can I find safe COVID testing near me?” Fortunately, those who reside in the […]

15 Jul 2020

Telehealth Services: Technology for Healthcare

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Telehealth services are the way of the future, offering patients convenience, privacy, and protection against contagious illnesses in a medical setting. Patients can now receive many of our services offered at Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach from the comfort of one’s home. Below our healthcare professionals have explained all of the important details and […]

15 Jun 2020

Guidelines For COVID-19 Testing

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California residents who are displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19, as well as those who have been in frequent contact with others (i.e. travelers or frontline workers) should seek out COVID-19 testing immediately. If you are unclear on how the COVID-19 testing process works, continue reading a few helpful guidelines from our healthcare professionals at Surfside […]

25 Mar 2020

Visit Your Local Laguna Beach Urgent Care Clinic for A Medical Physical Exam

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When is the last time you received a medical physical exam? Too many people overlook the importance of physical examinations.  Due, undoubtedly, to the high costs of health care at hospitals and doctor’s offices, plenty of people never receive preventative care.  They only go to the doctor when they’re sick – even though that means […]

17 Mar 2020

Five Reasons Urgent Care in Dana Point Is Better Than Visiting the Hospital

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So, you or someone in your family suddenly has a medical need.  Where should you go – to the hospital, or your local Dana Point urgent care clinic? Well, if it’s a genuinely life-threatening situation – such as a heart attack, gunshot, or stroke – then you need to go to the hospital emergency room.  […]

10 Mar 2020

Get Amazing Urgent Care Right Here in Laguna Beach Seven Days A Week

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Just because a medical problem isn’t life-threatening, that doesn’t mean it can wait until Monday morning.  That’s why we provide urgent care service 7 days a week to residents of Laguna Beach and Dana Point at a convenient walk-in clinic.  Our clinic is fast and friendly, and ready to help you with a wide variety of […]