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What Can I Expect When I Visit an STD Clinic Near Me?

Posted on Jun 20, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments

When you have the symptoms of an STD or you simply wish to be checked by an expert, you can visit an STD clinic to find out more about your condition. Many people are now asking “What can I expect when I visit an STD clinic near me?” In this latest post, we’ll present our answer with more details about your clinic visit.

Greeted by a health professionals

When you enter the STD clinic, you’ll be greeted by a health professional who can provide you with the forms that you’ll need to fill out to move forward with the testing phase of the process. In most cases, this process can be completed anonymously, but it’s important to speak with the health care team directly if you wish to retain your anonymity at this stage.


The next step in the process is to go through triage. Here, the triage nurse will ask you specific questions about your condition and your concerns about your health. They are trained to treat you with respect and dignity and help narrow down the cause of your health symptoms.

Doctor consultation

Once you’ve been seen by a triage nurse, you will likely be seen by further nurses who can begin the testing phase. At this stage, you may be seen by a doctor depending on your current medical condition. This is based on an assessment made by the triage nurse. If you do speak with a doctor, you can feel free to discuss your health issues directly and to request that you be presented with more information about your condition. When asking the question “Where can I find an STD clinic near me?” make sure that you have all the information regarding the doctors and nurses on staff at the clinic.


Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor or nursing team may be able to make an assessment of your condition at this stage. And they may then be able to either administer treatment or provide you with a prescription for the treatment to begin.

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