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The Value of the Walk-In STD Clinic

Posted on Jun 21, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments

A walk-in clinic is often the chosen option for those who have illnesses that don’t require emergency attention. But many don’t consider these clinics for their STD testing requirements. In this latest post, we’ll explain why you might consider visiting a walk-in STD clinic for your testing and treatment needs.


One of the immediate benefits of a walk-in STD clinic is the comfort they can provide. These clinics have been designed specifically for patient comfort and can provide the ideal environment in which treatment can be administered by trained professionals. Working with a qualified team, the patient can relax and rest assured that their treatment and testing work is being handled by trusted professionals.

Immediate assistance

A challenge associated with undergoing care in the emergency room is that many patients are not seen by a specialist for several hours. So, this can often mean that the patient is left waiting for long periods of time, potentially nervous about their condition. The walk-in STD clinic can reduce waiting times significantly because they are often purpose-designed for the testing and treatment process. They have a system in place through which to reduce the wait times, and those with severe conditions are not seen purely on a priority basis, as with emergency room care.

Results offered directly

In some emergency rooms, the results from STD tests are not provided to the patient directly at the time in which the testing takes place. The patient often has to wait to speak with a specialist while the specialist interprets their results and diagnoses their condition. However, when choosing a walk-in STD clinic, patients will see a specialist immediately and the results are immediately available once the testing has been completed. This not only streamlines the entire process but helps keep the patient calm while they complete the test and begin treatment.

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