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5 Signs That You Should Have Your Blood Tested for Diabetes

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Blog | No Comments

Diabetes is a frightening disease that is defined by the body’s inability to produce or process insulin and regulate blood glucose levels. Types of diabetes include type one, type two and gestational diabetes, which occur for a variety of reasons including pregnancy, dietary choices, viruses and genetics.

Here are five of the key symptoms that indicate that you should have a blood test for diabetes.

Signs that you may need a diabetes blood test

Skin irregularities

The heightened blood glucose levels caused by diabetes, make it difficult for blood to circulate properly, resulting in sweating and skin irritation. This can lead to dark patches appearing on the skin, as well as itchiness. Additionally, this lack of blood flow can cause a feeling of numbness or tingling on the skin.

Hunger and thirst

The body experiences an increased need for energy as the absence of insulin makes it difficult to send cues to the brain indicating fullness. The excess glucose in the blood also puts the burden on kidneys to rid the body of this glucose through frequent urination. Because of this, diabetics often have an increased need for hydration.


The body’s inability to use insulin to regulate blood glucose levels means that your body will experience a serious lack of energy. A feeling of fatigue is a very common symptom among diabetics, meaning it is one of the most important signs that you may require a blood test for diabetes.

Vision problems

Diabetics often suffer from a change in the shape of the eye’s lens, due to excess blood glucose. This change in shape will cause vision to become blurry.

Low functioning immune system

Diabetes causes the immune system to work hard to process an extreme influx of glucose. Diabetics are therefore subject to frequent infections due to the decreased function of the immune system.

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Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to a decreased quality of life, and health emergencies. If you have noticed any of these symptoms of diabetes, it is important to have a blood test. The sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you can begin treatment and adjust your lifestyle to ensure a high quality of life. Without treatment, patients may suffer from heart problems, and require an X-ray. Call us today at 949-715-7278 for more information or visit our on-site lab for a blood test!