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Our Urgent Care Team Near Laguna Niguel Explains How to Remain Comfortable While Caring for Your Stitches

Posted on Apr 25, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments

It’s very common, particularly for those who are active in the sports community, to have to undergo treatment for stitches. When you undergo treatments for your cuts and scrapes, it’s important that you understand how to care for your skin in order to ensure the optimal results from treatment. Our urgent care team near Laguna Niguel has great experience in this area of the medical industry, and in our latest post, we’re presenting our guide to caring for stitches.

Eliminate the Possibility of Dirt Getting in the Stitches

You might be dealing with children while trying to ensure their stitches remain as clean as possible. Dirt and other natural elements may cause an infection if they break the skin between the stitches. And so it’s advised that patients with their stitches in don’t play at the beach or near water. If there’s the potential for a foreign element to enter the stitching, it’s simply better to avoid the activity until the stitches have been removed or dissolved.

Pay Attention to Itching

It can be annoying but stitches will often itch over a period of time, particularly when they are close to healing. Make sure that you wash your hands carefully before itching or scratching the affected area. Otherwise, you might be at risk of infection.

Prepare Carefully for Work

Make sure that if you’re working a physical job you have undertaken all the required precautions to protect the wound. For example, you should have fresh gauze over the area each day. And you should take a few minutes during the day to check the wound for signs of any changes that have taken place. Visit your local Laguna Niguel area urgent care facility if any bleeding or allergic reaction occurs.

Carefully Clean the Wound When Replacing Bandages

If you’re using bandages or gauze over the affected area, make sure you clean the wound carefully using pre-cleaned tools. Using an antibiotic cream will help speed healing and limit the chance of infection.

Our trusted team at Surfside Urgent Care near Laguna Niguel is here to help you care for your stitches in the coming months. If you have any further questions, call us today.



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