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Understanding the Benefits of Visiting A Walk-In Clinic Near You

Posted on Nov 3, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

For the times you’re uninsured or don’t have a primary/family doctor, walk-in clinics are a great option. They were originally put in place to help people who don’t have medical benefits or insurance and at a fraction of the cost of a hospital. The best way to find the closest clinic is to look up “Walk-in clinic near me” into a search engine and you can go from there

Whether you’re feeling sick or need to fill out a prescription, at Surfside Urgent Care, we accept anyone who walks through our doors.

Advantages of Walk-In Clinics

Before walk-in clinics became so popular, many people would pile into the emergency room in hospitals regardless of whether the reason was serious or not. This caused longer wait times and delayed patients who needed emergency medical care. If you’re feeling sick and displaying uncomfortable symptoms but it’s not an emergency, then Surfside Urgent Care is a great walk-in clinic near you.

  • Lower Cost

Walk-in clinics make going to the doctor more affordable. If you find one that accepts insurance, you’ll only have to pay for a portion of your needed treatment (depending on your insurance and the clinic you’re visiting). If you’re in the Laguna Beach area, Surfside Urgent Care is the perfect walk-in clinic near you.

  • Convenience

For the days you need a quick fix for an acute medical issue, walk-in clinics are great as they are designed to get patients in and out as efficiently as possible. They’re modeled on a first-come, first, serve basis and saves you a trip to the emergency room. If you’re looking to save time and money, then walk-in clinics are for you

  • Doctors That Care

Although you may not be in a hospital or emergency room, walk-in clinics are filled with experienced staff, nurses, and doctors. Just because you go to a clinic versus a bigger hospital doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality care and service. When you ask yourself “What’s the closest walk-in clinic near me?”, remember that Surfside Urgent Care puts your first.

Walk-in clinics provide their clients with effective service with the goal of making doctor visits convenient. Are you looking to consult with a reputable physician?

Give us a call today at 949-715-7278 or contact us through our online form and we’ll happily assist you.