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In Trouble? Get Help at A Walk in Medical Clinic in Indialantic, FL

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Medical problems can hit at any time – do you know where to turn when there’s an emergency? More often, people in Indialantic, FL whose lives aren’t in immediate danger aren’t calling the hospital Emergency Room – they’re calling a walk-in medical clinic.  A walk-in medical clinic in Indialantic can provide for a wide variety of medical needs, while getting you in and out faster than an ER, and at much lower cost.  That makes it an easy choice.

Going to A Walk in Medical Clinic in Indialantic 

When you visit a walk-in clinic near you, the experience really isn’t much different from visiting a traditional ER.  You’ll start out by going to see a registered nurse, describing your symptoms and, if possible, filling out some paperwork.  Once they know what problem you’re having, you’ll get to meet with a fully certified doctor, who can take care of you.

The quality of care is just as good as at any other medical facility.  Everyone is a fully qualified, degreed, and certified medical specialist.  They’ve just chosen to work at a private clinic, rather than a big public hospital.

Private walk-in clinics have lower rates than hospitals and can even make special arrangement for those who lack insurance.  They also usually have shorter waits – and that can make a lot of difference if you or someone you care about is in pain.

When Should You Visit A Walk In-Clinic?

A walk-in medical clinic is going to be able to provide a huge range of medical services.  They don’t have the full surgical suite like a hospital, but they can handle almost any procedure besides major surgery.  For example, they might see patients with:

  • Serious flu
  • Bleeding nose
  • Bone fractures
  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Minor lacerations

In addition, they’ll have all the facilities needed for administering injections or IV treatments, and a full range of testing kits as well.  They don’t even need to be used solely for emergency care!  Walk-in medical clinics can provide preventative care too, and for far less cost than at a full hospital.

Basically, a walk-in clinic can help you with anything that isn’t immediately life-threatening.

When You Need Help, Visit Surfside Urgent Care

Surfside is a top walk-in medical clinic in Indialantic, FL.  We’re open all week, and we’re here when you need us.