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Everyday Injuries & the Importance of Urgent Care Centers

Posted on Nov 10, 2018 in Blog | No Comments

Nowadays it might seem like there’s an urgent care center near you on every other block. Although it may seem somewhat unnecessary at first, having easily accessible urgent care clinics in your area can be a blessing when it comes to treating everyday injuries and non-life-threatening ailments.

Surfside Urgent Care understands that before visiting them you’ve likely got a few questions about the treatment process, so here are some common everyday injuries we treat and why having a nearby urgent care facility is essential.

Sprains & Muscle Injuries

Although some aren’t likely to rush out to the emergency room after a light roll of the ankle, muscle injuries are still some of the most common everyday ailments seen by urgent care clinic staff. When you sprain a muscle or are in pain, visiting a nearby clinic allows you to make certain it isn’t seriously damaged. The physicians at your urgent care facility can also provide prescriptions to help reduce the pain and swelling.

Non-Life-Threatening Ailments

Unless you have a serious injury, such as a broken bone or internal ailment, it’s usually best to visit your local urgent care center. Things like cuts and scrapes or major colds happen frequently: visiting an urgent care center rather than the ER helps you avoid costly medical bills and extended wait times. Physicians at care centers are trained to provide non-surgical care, everything from infection treatments to splinting broken bones or sprained muscles. Some clinics even offer non-invasive surgical procedures such as skin tag removals and wound care.

Primary Care Services

For those who don’t want to visit their primary care provider for a simple medical examination, urgent care centers can be a good alternative. Most of them employ staff trained to perform physical examinations for school and work, as well as pre-operation physicals and on-site lab testing and bloodwork. This can prevent the need of scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician weeks in advance or spending hours in a crowded waiting room at the local hospital.

Let Surfside Urgent Care treat your everyday injury!

There’s no reason to wait until you have a medical emergency: treat those everyday ailments before they get out of control. Contact the staff at Surfside Urgent Care to learn more about what we do.