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Debunking Common Myths About Visiting A Walk-In STD Clinic

Posted on Sep 30, 2018 in Blog | No Comments

Ask any medical professional, and they’ll say the same thing: If you are sexually active, you should be regularly visiting a walk-in STD clinic or other care facility for STD testing.  In particular, this should be done whenever you get a new partner.  Even if you regularly use contraception, condoms, or other “barrier” forms of birth control, there’s always the chance of catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease – and then passing it onto others.

The only way to know for certain is to have yourself checked out at a walk-in STD clinic.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of false myths about STD clinics, and those often prevent people from visiting.  This encourages the spread of STDs, and that’s bad.  So, we wanted to address some of these myths and help people get over their fears.

Come Visit A Walk-In STD Clinic After Seeing These Myths Debunked

MYTH #1 – You must disclose your sexual history.

The Truth: STD clinics aren’t Catholic confession.  We don’t press patients for details about their sex lives, preferences, kinks, or anything like that. We just take the necessary fluid samples and process them without asking for more information than is needed.

That said, we’re also here to help.  If you are having other medical issues you believe are related to your sexual behavior, we’ll be happy to listen and help you however we can.

MYTH #2 – You’re being judged at an STD clinic

The Truth: Simply put, no.  We have no interest in judging you on your lifestyle.  We are medical professionals, and our only concern is helping you be happy, healthy, and safe in your sexual practices – whatever those practices might be.

(Besides, this is the age of the Internet.  You can’t shock us.  Honestly.)

MYTH #3 – STD testing is painful.

The Truth:  Not at all, no more than any other situation where you need to have blood drawn for testing.  Often, all we need is a urine sample.  In rare cases, we may need to examine your genitalia directly or take a swabbing – but that’s it, just cotton swabs.  If you’re uncomfortable letting a doctor or nurse do the swab, we’ll let you go to a private place and take the swabbing yourself.

Any claims you’ve heard that testing is painful are 100% untrue.

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So, don’t delay.  Come visit or contact our local Laguna Beach walk-in STD clinic.