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5 Things to Know About Urgent Care Before You Go

Posted on Mar 28, 2022 in Urgent Care | No Comments

Five Things to Know About Urgent Care Before You Go

If you need some medical attention right away, but don’t feel your issue is urgent enough for the Emergency Room, then an urgent care clinic is likely your best option. Before you walk out the door, however, there are a few things to consider. Check out these 5 tips to take into account before visiting your local urgent care clinic!

  1. Double Check Urgent Care Offerings

Different urgent care clinics are equipped with different services, so before you choose one, make sure to do some quick research online to ensure it has the services you’re looking for. This is especially true if you’re searching for urgent pediatric care or the equipment to do things like taking x-rays or doing lab tests.

  1. Check Estimated Wait Times

Before rushing out the door, give the clinic a call to check what their estimated wait times are, and if they have any recommendations for a good time to drop by. While wait times may vary, there are normally some patterns in terms of when clinics are most busy, so call beforehand so you can get a good assessment of their current status.

  1. Online Medical Form Intake

Many urgent care clinics also provide online medical form in-take options where you can fill out all of the necessary forms and paperwork before you even leave your home. Before you run out the door, be sure to check out if this is an option so that you can upload any necessary information from the comfort of your own home if possible.

  1. Gather Your Documents

Don’t forget to get all the necessary paperwork together before you leave. This includes the appropriate IDs and Insurance Information. Because the urgent care clinic won’t necessarily have any medical records of you, make sure you also grab relevant medical records regarding any pre-existing treatments or conditions.

  1. Possible Follow-Up Appointments

Be prepared to get all of the relevant follow-up appointment information and referrals from the physician at the urgent care clinic. Oftentimes, it will be recommended that you follow up with your family physician or see a specialist, so make sure you take detailed notes around any follow-up instructions given.

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