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4 Reasons to Visit a Walk-in Medical Clinic in Laguna Beach, CA

Posted on Dec 10, 2018 in Blog | No Comments

If you’re near Laguna Beach, CA, or the surrounding areas we’ve got good news: there’s a local walk-in medical clinic that can provide you with a wide variety of services at an affordable price. Walk-in clinics are becoming more popular because they offer the healthcare services people need, without charging the steep prices often seen in hospitals.

A Laguna Beach walk-in medical clinic can’t help you with life-threatening emergencies, but they can handle almost anything else, for example:

1 – Physicals or drug testing

Plenty of employers, schools, and other organizations require you to pass a physical and drug test to be admitted/hired.  There is no reason to pay hospital prices for such simple procedures.  Your local walk-in clinic can handle these quickly and painlessly while charging a minimum for the time and effort involved.

2 – Sports injuries

Issues such as sprained ankles or other sports-related injuries need prompt treatment, particularly if you want to minimize the time they keep you sidelined.  A walk-in clinic is perfect for these situations because the clinic will get you in and out quickly, while still providing the care your injury needs.

3 – Vaccinations 

Vaccinations are another situation where traditional hospitals or doctors’ offices will charge a lot for a quick and easy procedure.  Your local Laguna Beach walk-in clinic can provide all the vaccinations you and your family needs, including newer shots such as the HPV inoculation, at prices that nearly anyone can afford.

4 – Stitches

A walk-in clinic can’t handle life-threatening wounds, but we can easily stitch you up if you’ve been in a minor accident.  All too often people go to the ER for these sorts of problems and end up waiting hours to be seen.  We’ll get you in and out quickly, and we’ll also handle the follow-up observations and stitch removal when the time comes.

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