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23 Jul 2021

5 Reasons to Choose a Walk-In Clinic for Non-Emergency Care

For A Better Non-Emergency Medical Experience, Visit A Laguna Beach Walk-In Clinic Let’s say you have a sudden medical issue that isn’t life-threatening, such as a sprained ankle, or a sudden nosebleed that won’t go away.  What should you do?  Going to the doctor’s office or – worse – the ER will result in you […]

19 Jul 2021

Five Things You Should Know About Telehealth Services

Urgent care clinics in Laguna Beach, and around the country, are embracing telehealth services in a big way!  Telehealth uses modern communications, such as video conferencing and easy file transfers, to let you visit with a doctor from the comfort of your own home.  It might seem a little odd the first time you try […]

14 Jul 2021

Five Reasons People Prefer Urgent Care Clinics

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Why More And More People Are Choosing to Visit Their Nearest Urgent Care Clinic We don’t need to tell you that it’s expensive to go to a regular doctor’s office or hospital, especially for routine care.  In particular, for people lacking insurance, it’s almost impossible to even receive care unless it’s an emergency.  People needed […]

7 Jul 2021

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Walk-In Clinic Near Laguna Beach

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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Walk-In Clinic Near Laguna Beach When you have a minor medical problem, such as a flu, sprained muscle, nosebleed, or other non-life-threatening issue, you don’t want to go to the hospital.  A visit to the ER for such issues is incredibly expensive, and you’ll likely be sitting there […]

5 Jul 2021

Five Big Benefits to Telehealth Services

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There Are Many Advantages to Using Telehealth Services! An increasing number of Urgent Care clinics in Laguna Beach are adding telehealth options – and this is a very good thing!  Communication technology is advancing, and it’s bringing brand new ways for you to consult with your trusted doctor.  No matter where you are, you can potentially […]

1 Jul 2021

What to Look for In Urgent Care Clinics Near Laguna Beach

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How To Choose The Best Urgent Care In Laguna Beach When you look at all their advantages over traditional hospitals, it’s no wonder that urgent care clinics are becoming increasingly popular in the Laguna Beach area. Urgent Care clinics offer most of the same non-critical services as hospitals, but at much lower costs, and with faster […]

28 Jun 2021

Questions to Ask to Find the Best Walk-In Clinic

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Questions to Ask to Find the Best Walk-In Clinic Are you looking for a reliable walk-in clinic that offers all of the services you need at an affordable rate? Finding a clinic that meets these criteria may be more difficult than you think. Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach offers the best healthcare in Laguna. […]

24 Jun 2021

The 6 Benefits of Telehealth

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Six Reasons to Use Telehealth Services In the past decade, almost every organization you could think of has found a way to offer their services online. From grocery shopping to counseling services, there are practically no limits to the online marketplace. Since the onset of COVID-19, healthcare providers have experienced an unprecedented demand for telehealth […]

21 Jun 2021

Tips for Finding the Best Urgent Care Near You

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How to Know You’re Choosing the Best Urgent Care Center Near You Whether you require a blood test or your child has come down with an illness, it is important to know where the nearest urgent care facility is and make sure it aligns with your needs. Unfortunately, many people are not sure what to […]

18 May 2021

What to Expect When You Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine

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As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the globe, those who plan on receiving the vaccine are wondering what exactly they need to do to prepare for the shot. Depending on the specific type of vaccine you receive, side effects and recovery times may vary, however, there are a few general pieces of information that you […]