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Finding a Safe COVID Testing Center Near Me

Posted on Aug 15, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus, which is why unaffected individuals are advised to avoid clinics and hospitals unless symptoms or exposure to the virus become severe. For those who do require COVID testing, a critical question to ask is, “where can I find safe COVID testing near me?” Fortunately, those who reside in the Laguna Beach area can find both COVID swab testing and antibody testing near them at our safe Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach clinic.

How Can I Find Safe COVID Testing Near Me?

  • Schedule a telehealth appointment

Before visiting a clinic in person, patients should seek out online telehealth services where they can speak to a physician and make an informed decision on how to proceed. Reputable clinics like Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach offer secure online portals where those who suspect they may have been affected by the virus can get real medical advice and decide whether or not they should seek out in-person testing.

  • Seek out clinics that offer both forms of COVID testing

At our clinic, patients have access to both swab testing and COVID antibody tests, which will reveal whether the individual has the virus or whether they unknowingly had it in the past. This combination of tests provides important information about the patient’s health and what he/she should do to protect oneself going forward.

  • Take advantage of curbside tests

The safest way to ensure you are not infected by other people who may have the virus is to avoid entering a medical facility altogether. Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach makes this easy with our new curbside swab testing. Patients can simply drive to a COVID testing center near them and remain inside a vehicle until the clinicians have prepared their test. Our unique method of testing will keep you safe and isolated from other patients.

  • Ensure proper sanitization inside clinics

If your COVID test requires you to enter a clinic, it is important to visit a medical facility with a positive reputation for sanitization practices. Clinicians should be able to communicate their practices with patients and sanitize the area after each patient leaves the facility. Patients can trust Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach for rigid sanitization practices that protect our patients.

Get COVID Testing Today

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