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How To Choose The Best Urgent Care Clinic Near Laguna Beach

Posted on Jan 3, 2022 in Urgent Care | No Comments

How To Choose The Best Urgent Care Clinic Near Laguna Beach

There’s a revolution in medicine happening – it’s called urgent care.  Laguna Beach urgent care clinics offer a wide variety of non-emergency medical services, at extremely affordable prices.  They offer a real alternative for people who can’t afford overpriced doctor’s offices and hospitals, and more clinics are opening all the time.

So, if you live near Laguna Beach, how do you select the best urgent care clinic for your needs?  These are some of the most important considerations.

Four Key Factors When Choosing A Laguna Beach Urgent Care Clinic

1 – Accessibility

All other things being equal, the nearest urgent care clinic to you is likely to be one of your best options.  Urgent care clinics are best for ‘everyday’ non-emergency care, things like regular checkups, vaccinations,  X-rays, disease tests, prescriptions, workplace physicals, and similar services.  It should be as easy as possible to access your local clinic, so you can visit it whenever you need.

Along the same lines, also check the hours.  Every clinic will have different hours of operation, and not all of them are 24/7.  Be sure you know when you can visit.

2 – The services you need

Every urgent care clinic is going to have a slightly different list of services depending on their facilities and staff.  It’s a good idea to look at the websites of the nearest urgent care clinics to you, and make sure it has the services you personally need.  If you can find a clinic that offers everything your family needs, you might not have to ever visit a doctor’s office again.

3 – Insurance acceptance

One of the hallmarks of urgent care clinics is that they do not require insurance, and keep prices low enough that almost anyone can afford services.  That said, if you do have insurance, you want to make use of it!  Most clinics can accept a range of standard insurance policies, but you definitely want to double-check their policies beforehand.

4 – Walk-In Services

Urgent care clinics almost always accept walk-in traffic.  Given how quickly you can usually get in and out of an urgent care clinic, this makes it the easiest option for fitting needed medical care into your daily life!

Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach offers a wide range of top-quality non-emergency medical services, at highly affordable prices.  Contact us to schedule an appointment, or just come by when you need us!