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How to Choose Between Urgent Care and the ER

Posted on Jun 8, 2022 in Urgent Care | No Comments

How to Choose Between Urgent Care and the ER?

In this latest post, our urgent care clinic lays out how to choose between urgent care and the ER, how they are different, and how our urgent care team can provide you with the best medical services.

Encountering a medical problem is a stressful experience and, in such circumstances, people often make decisions that they regret afterward. One such crucial decision is whether to go to your nearest Urgent Care Clinic or an emergency room (ER). They both have their advantages over each other and knowing the difference between them allows one to make the right decision.

You should visit your nearest urgent care clinic:

  • If you or the person you are taking there is suffering from an illness or injury that is not severe or life-threatening.
  • When you can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment.
  • When your primary care doctor is unavailable.
  • To access quality healthcare when your physician’s office is closed.
  • To access quality, affordable healthcare.

You should visit an ER:

  • When you or the person you are taking there is severely ill or injured.
  • When you need specialized staff and equipment.
  • When you know for sure that intensive care is necessary.
  • When the condition is life-threatening in cases such as heart attacks, strokes, and other accidents.

Urgent care clinics are absolutely the best when it comes to getting the necessary medical attention quickly. They offer quicker attention even when compared to ERs, which are usually flooded with patients. Your nearest urgent care clinics are also very convenient as you can simply walk in for quick treatment and no prior appointment is needed. They usually offer better operating hours compared to doctors’ offices and this is of great help as medical trouble does not wait for office hours. They’re also more affordable.

At Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach, our well trained-medical professionals provide the best medical care possible in a quick and timely manner. We have state-of-the-art equipment and labs to take care of all your urgent care needs while being inexpensive. Our clinic operates year-round with no need for appointments and is conveniently located for walk-ins.

We offer services for a number of medical conditions and our caring staff makes sure that you are comfortable and well attended to at all times, so contact us online today or call (949) 715-7278.