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What to Expect at a Child’s Physical Exam

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From the time that a child is born to when they are in school, physical exams are imperative to a young person’s health. Unfortunately, many parents do not know what to expect during a visit to a qualified pediatrician, which can make the experience seem daunting.

Our dedicated team at Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach has provided some key information on what happens during a child’s physical exam.

Early physical exams

When a baby is born, it is the responsibility of a pediatrician to carefully examine the child every six months in the first two years of their life as this is the most fragile period of life. After two years, the child will have been thoroughly examined for various health conditions, and parents can reduce their visits to the pediatrician to once a year.

Tests and measurements

As the child gets older, pediatricians will measure their height and weight to ensure healthy growth. Additionally, the physician will test for vital signs, irregularities in cardiac activity, breathing, hearing, and eyesight. Finally, the pediatrician will test the child’s reflexes during the physical exam, to ensure they are developing properly.

Additional screenings if necessary

If your child shows any signs of a serious health condition, the pediatrician may want to perform additional tests like an X-ray to ensure they are healthy and provide treatment if necessary. If your pediatrician is not able to provide adequate treatment, they will recommend a specialist. Before your child enters school, a physical exam is a great opportunity for parents to discuss vaccinations that may prevent your child from getting sick once they are surrounded by other kids.

Lifestyle recommendations

Much of a child’s health and development is dependent upon lifestyle choices. A pediatrician will make recommendations for physical activity, diet and sleep during a physical exam so that parents are able to implement healthy changes in the child’s life. A reputable physician will also monitor the child’s behavior and emotions to ensure they are in a healthy state of mind.

Sports physical

When children are in school, a sports physical will be necessary to examine the child for injuries due to their participation in gym class or sports teams. The physician will be able to make further recommendations on physical activity through this exam.

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