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5 Tips for Staying Healthy In 2018

Posted on Apr 5, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments

At Surfside Urgent Care near Laguna Niguel, we want to see residents of the area staying happy and healthy year-round. We’re here to provide top-quality urgent care services when they’re needed, but the best way to stay healthy is not to need care at all!

Since it’s still early in the new year, let’s talk about keeping yourself healthy throughout 2018.

Ways to Protect Your Health In 2018

1- Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, there is nothing you could do which would be more beneficial to your health than quitting. You’ll lower your chances of cancer, live longer, have more energy, and be better able to exercise and engage in other strenuous activities. Even switching to e-cigs would be an improvement.

2- Exercise

Regular exercise doesn’t necessarily mean changing your entire routine or becoming one of “those people” who talk incessantly about their workouts. Adding even moderate amounts of exercise to your day will pay off with huge health benefits and potentially add years of life. You’ll feel better too!

3- Avoid fad diets

Here’s the bottom line: To lose weight, eat fewer calories and exercise more. For most people, that’s all that’s needed. Fad diets promise quick results, but often they’re even more of a hassle than simply eating smarter and exercising a bit more. In worst cases, they can be downright dangerous.

If you’ve legitimately tried to lose weight and believe you have deeper health issues, talk to a doctor about it – not an infomercial pitchman.

4- Eat more fiber

This might be the simplest piece of advice on this list:  Fiber is good for you, so eat more of it.  Fruits and veggies are the best sources, but even using daily fiber pills can lower your cholesterol and reduce the chances of some cancer.

And, of course, your daily restroom visits will go more smoothly too.

5 – Manage your stress

Stress is the true “silent killer” in American life. If you’re stressed by your life, recognize it and then resolve to do something about it. From meditation to visiting gun shooting ranges, there are numerous ways of reducing stress. Just find one that works for you; you’ll be happier for it.


In the meantime, if you have a medical issue which is serious but not life-threatening, visit or contact Surfside Urgent Care near Laguna Niguel today!


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