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5 Tips for the Ideal Urgent Care Experience for Dana Point Patients

Posted on Mar 25, 2018 in Urgent Care | No Comments
  1. A medical emergency is already challenging enough without having to go through more difficulties in working with your urgent care specialist. It’s important to follow expert advice to ensure that ideal Dana Point urgent care experience when you have an emergency in the coming months. We’ll outline five tips for improving your urgent care experience.
  2. Find a center you trust

Finding a qualified and well-regarded urgent care center is the first step towards achieving that ideal experience. Make sure you take the time now to review facilities in your area and speak with experts about the options available. You should add the qualified urgent care facility to your car’s GPS so you’re clear on the directions.

  1. Call your doctor if time allows

It isn’t always possible in a medical emergency, but if you do have the time, make sure you call your family doctor before your visit your urgent care facility. Your doctor can guide you on the health precautions to take and can ensure the facility has all the information needed to make an effective diagnosis.

  1. Don’t go alone

It’s common for visitors to Dana Point urgent care facilities, particularly single adults, to go the facility alone. But this can be a significant mistake. When you’re going through a medical issue, you can’t always make clear decisions. Call a friend or loved one to go with you. They will always take the time to make sure you’re healthy regardless of their work or other daily activities.

  1. Ask why you need to go

Take the few seconds to ask why you need to go to the urgent care facility. If you have a significant health issue, it might best to go to a hospital, particularly for life-threatening cases. In all other cases, the urgent care facility staff can respond to the issue. Asking yourself why you need attention can help to clarify your thoughts and ensure optimal communication when you arrive.

  1. Write down all care notes

Make sure that you or those with you at the facility note down the information the doctor provides. This can be helpful in recalling guidance over the coming days and avoiding mistakes in the aftercare process.

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Please note that our Urgent Care Facilities might not be able to treat all conditions similar to those described here and these patients are referred to a local emergency room if a high-level of care is required.