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3 Reasons People Choose Laguna Beach Walk-In Clinics

Posted on Jan 10, 2022 in Walk-In Clinic | No Comments

Why Visit Your Local Laguna Beach Walk-In Clinic?

For more and more people, it’s becoming difficult to access needed medical care.  Costs keep going up, and bureaucracy can make even the most basic services take forever.  Problems related to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic introduce more challenges.

That’s why more people are choosing to visit a Laguna Beach walk-in clinic instead.  Walk-in clinics, also called urgent care, offer non-emergency medical services which are fast and affordable.  If you’ve never visited an urgent care clinic before, there are plenty of reasons to choose one!

Three Reasons People Choose Laguna Beach Walk-In Clinics

1 – Affordable care… even if you don’t have insurance

Urgent care clinics exist to provide needed medical services to as many people as possible.  They keep prices low and manageable, without the bloat and price gouging seen at standard doctor’s offices and hospitals.  Insurance is not required although clinics do accept insurance if you have it.

But even without insurance, prices are typically a small fraction of what a hospital would charge.

2 – Fast turnaround

Walk-in Laguna Beach clinics specialize in making your visit as short as possible.  There’s less bureaucracy and paperwork, and walk-in visitors are simply seen on a “first come, first served” basis.  This makes it far easier to fit a clinic visit into your busy schedule!  Many urgent care clinics also offer extended hours, in the morning or evening, so you can schedule visits around work or school needs.

3 – Quality services

Urgent care clinics employ fully licensed and qualified doctors and nurses, just like any other respectable medical facility.  You aren’t sacrificing quality when you visit.  There are many non-emergency services available: checkups, physicals, OB-GYN services, prescriptions, disease management, X-rays, family planning, and much more.

Why pay more for a hospital visit when there’s probably a walk-in clinic near you?

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So next time you need basic medical care, don’t waste time and money at a hospital – visit Surfside Urgent Care of Laguna Beach instead!