30 Sep 2018

Debunking Common Myths About Visiting A Walk-In STD Clinic

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Ask any medical professional, and they’ll say the same thing: If you are sexually active, you should be regularly visiting a walk-in STD clinic or other care facility for STD testing.  In particular, this should be done whenever you get a new partner.  Even if you regularly use contraception, condoms, or other “barrier” forms of […]

20 Sep 2018

Your Laguna Beach STD Treatment Clinic Answers Common STD Questions

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For many teenagers and adults, few topics are more uncomfortable -or more worrisome- than the matter of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Unfortunately, STDs are a reality for anyone who is sexually active.  Ignoring the topic doesn’t make them go away – it just increases the chances a person might catch an STD and not get treatment. […]

14 Sep 2018

Four Ways to Choose an Urgent Care Clinic in Laguna Niguel, CA

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If you’ve been thinking about adding urgent care in Laguna Niguel, CA, to your list of clinics providing medical care for yourself or your family, you’re not alone.  An urgent care clinic can provide almost all the same services as a regular hospital, but with lower prices and (usually) much shorter wait times. In fact, […]

10 Sep 2018

Experiencing A Medical Emergency? You Need the Best Urgent Care in Laguna Beach!

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Medical emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere.  When you’re in Laguna Beach and a medical emergency happens, you need the best urgent care available – and you need it fast! Laguna Beach urgent care from Surfside Urgent Care is available for everyone who is experiencing a medical emergency, and it’s available 24/7.  In many […]

7 Sep 2018

Walk-In Medical Clinic Near Me – Do You Know the Location of The Nearest Walk-in Medical Clinic in Indialantic, FL?

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It’s hard to avoid hearing stories about how expensive the American healthcare system has become, like that heartbreaking story of the woman last month who was injured by a train but begged people not to call an ambulance.   Why?  Because she knew she couldn’t afford it.  In the US, an ambulance ride alone can cost thousands of dollars, […]

1 Sep 2018

In Trouble? Get Help at A Walk in Medical Clinic in Indialantic, FL

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Medical problems can hit at any time – do you know where to turn when there’s an emergency? More often, people in Indialantic, FL whose lives aren’t in immediate danger aren’t calling the hospital Emergency Room – they’re calling a walk-in medical clinic.  A walk-in medical clinic in Indialantic can provide for a wide variety of medical needs, […]

30 Aug 2018

Why Should I Visit an Urgent Care Center Near Me?

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It’s a question that many are now considering as they look to review their health care options over the long-term. Why should I visit an urgent care center near me? If you find yourself asking this question, it’s important that you learn more about the value of the work completed at local urgent care centers, […]

20 Aug 2018

A Guide to Choosing the Best Walk-In Clinic for STD Testing

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When choosing your STD testing options, it’s important to consider the walk-in clinic. Your walk-in clinic team can present you with a full range of testing services in a comfortable environment to help ensure your testing process is completed comfortably. In this latest post, our team presents a guide to choosing the best walk-in clinic […]

10 Aug 2018

Why Should I Choose a Walk-in Urgent Care Medical Clinic Near Me for Emergencies?

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When you’re considering a medical clinic option for emergencies, it’s important that you have all the available information to make the right choice for your health over the long-term. Our team at Surfside Urgent Care has significant experience in the medical field, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting our answer to the question “Why […]

12 Jul 2018

The Benefits of Visiting Laguna Niguel Urgent Care Facilities

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If you experience an injury or illness, having the information you need to decide between emergency rooms and urgent care facilities can help save time and money. Our experts at Surfside Urgent Care are committed to patient guidance, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of visiting Laguna Niguel urgent care facilities. Saving […]